What we have noticed, and what tends to happen, is one person in a household does an enormous amount of research on smart home devices, purchases an array of devices, installs each, works hours upon hours with each company’s tech support to get the system to work just right, and suddenly that one person is not available and the rest of the household is at a loss. Imagine trying to reach your ambitious highly knowledgeable college senior daughter or son, otherwise known as your personal DIY tech support and the only person who knows how to operate the system because they installed it, during finals because the TV and surround sound systems fails for what appears to be no apparent reason whatsoever. Suddenly, the technology that was supposed to improve your life and enhance convenience becomes a source of friction. With a home automation professional, all aspects of a smart home are unified under one system, with one remote, from one app. As professionals dedicated to each client, we can support, troubleshoot, and fix the system 24/7.

One common situation of DIY home automation we often encounter is in media rooms and home theaters. Sure, anyone can go to Best Buy and pick up a Marantz receiver, but if it is not tuned properly you’re not getting the experience the film maker intended. While watching an action movie, you won’t hear the car door slam behind you, or the plane flying over your head, and that’s where the custom solution comes in. Not only do we know how to spec it properly, as we understand lighting considerations, the type and sizeof screens, different projectors, and the type of lens, but we calibrate it, optimizing the system for each room. You no longer have multiple remotes that only one person knows how to use. With Control4 One Remote it’s all in one place, and immediately does what it is supposed to do in just a minute. The user experience becomes simplified, easy to use for everyone in a household, and not just the person who installed the system.

A symptom we often see with DIY automation is user experience frustration, as most products on the market are stand alone. As you arrive home, you have to manually disable the alarm, use an app to turn on the lights, a second app to turn on music, and adjust the thermostat in a third app. This is where our industry shines, harmony, and it is also what saves you money. We eliminate the multi-app scramble and create whole home system integration.

Much of what we do, and pride ourselves on, is our ability to understand how you want to live in your home, and what would make it the most convenient experience. For example, with our systems we often enable geolocation technology so as you approach your residence your home is ready for you. The temperature is adjusted to the ideal, the pool heater is turned on, automated shades react accordingly. If the sun has set, pathway lighting is turned on for you. As you pull into your driveway your security system is disarmed and your garage door opens, all without you having to do anything at all. The moment you walk into your home, at the press of single button or with voice command, the mood is set for you. It is undeniably less relaxing to take time to create the mood only to be interrupted by your smart doorbell the moment you settle in with a glass of wine and a great book. Do-it-for-me and don’t do-it-yourself.